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What We Do

Individual & Team Development and Coaching


Whenever you are developing teams, be it from scratch or through expanding existing teams, there are always challenges that Key Strengths can help you with.  We can help you build your team, develop self awareness within individuals, develop effective multi-disciplinary teams, and help you work effectively with teams in different locations. We can also show you the best ways to coach your teams once in place and build leadership to ensure it achieves its full potential.  Through an associate, we also provide a comprehensive HR service.

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Strategic Development & Consultancy


Getting a business strategy right is the difference between success and failure.  There are a huge number of variables and parameters that need to be drawn out, tested and considered. We can help you investigate all types of issues and opportunities, and work with you to develop the right strategy for your business to help inform your decision-making.  Managing risk, having the confidence to make decisions when under pressure, analysing the opportunities and current environment, and therefore taking confident steps into the unknown are all necessary aspects for success.  Key Strengths approach is to help you develop your strategy for business growth.

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Programme and Project Management


Each project and programme is different.  Effective and efficient management of the activity and the stakeholders is vital for success.  We can provide advice and support to ensure that yours achieves it goals and leads to business growth.

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Non Executive Director 


The experience behind Key Strengths makes us the ideal partner to provide experienced, intelligent advice to the company board, the chairman or management.  A Non Executive Director position with your company gives you the advantage of having an experienced Director on your board who can provide expertise from an “outsider looking in” perspective.



Interim Management


Interim Management is often used when a project arises, or the work load increases and you don’t have the skill sets or resources within your current team to deliver the project.  Key Strengths can help you get over these short term hurdles.


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